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alin Enterprise has been a supplier of Intarsia Wood Art in America since 1996. We design, manufacture and market high-quality wood artworks and home accent pieces. Renowned for providing wholesale and retail customers only the best quality works along with outstanding customer service and professional guidence, Dalin has become a prominent leader in the field of hand-crafted Intarsia wall art throughout the nation.

Intarsia Wood Art is a modern revival of an ancient Italian art form, which dates back over 800 years. The concepts are simple: use the subtle differences in colors, textures, and grain to create a harmonic whole, which looks and feels natural.

Our factories employ over a hundred highly skilled craftsmen to design and create beautiful art pieces. Artisans painstakingly cut, carve and shape in an effort to turn ordinary wood into an extraordinary part of your home décor.

We have created an online retail shop for our customers and visitors for most products presented in DL CollectionsTM, which is our main collection of Intarsia wood art works all created by us. While visiting the online shop, please keep in mind that our artisans always create new and innovative designs, and the online shop keeps updated all year long.